ᓲᐦᑳᑎᓯᐤ - sôhkâtisiw Lace Earrings

ᓲᐦᑳᑎᓯᐤ - sôhkâtisiw Lace Earrings

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ᓲᐦᑳᑎᓯᐤ - sôhkâtisiw (s/he is strong, s/he is powerful) Earrings feature 24k Gold 3 cut beads, black & white 3 cut beads, eggshell white charlotte edging, fushia crystal rhinestones, black lace pleated trim, finished with black floral faux leather backing. 


Earrings measure:

2cm from beaded top tier to bottom of lace.

Lace Trim - 14.5cm from top of lace to the other side.

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